IP67 100kPa 32VDC Low Pressure Differential Pressure Transmitte With LCD Display

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Sier
Certification CE,RoHS
Model Number SPT91L
Minimum Order Quantity 1piece
Price USD60~100/Piece
Packaging Details Carton
Delivery Time 7
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 5000 pieces each month
Product Details
Accuracy ±1%FS Stability ≤0.5%FS / Year
Application Temp. -20~80℃ Power Supply 12-32VDC
Pressure Range 0-100kPa Output Signal 4-20mA / RS485
High Light

32VDC inductive displacement transducer


IP67 piezoresistive pressure sensor


100kPa Differential Pressure Transmitters

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Product Description

SPT91L Low Pressure (differential) Transmitter

FeaturesIP67 100kPa 32VDC Low Pressure Differential Pressure Transmitte With LCD Display 0

·Industrial protection grade;

·Fully stainless steel structure;

·4-20mA, RS485, 0-5V/10V output;



The differential pressure transmitter uses full digital smart board card, equipped with SMi full digital import chip. With high stability, dynamic measurement performance , etc. Configure high-performance microprocessor to correct for sensor nonlinearity and temperature drift, Accurate digital data transfer, field device diagnostics, remote two-way communication, etc. This transmitter has a variety of ranges to fits the needs of various of users.Widely used in metallurgy, machinery, petroleum, chemical, power stations, light industry, food, environmental protection, national defense and scientific research in various fields.






Pressure Range 0-100kPa
Accuracy ±1%FS
Power Supply 12-32VDC
Output Signal 4-20mA / RS485
Stability ≤0.5%FS / Year
Application temp. -20~80℃



Outline Construction

(Unit: mm)


IP67 100kPa 32VDC Low Pressure Differential Pressure Transmitte With LCD Display 1


The differential pressure transmitter has two air intakes, one high-pressure air intake, marked "H" and a low-pressure air intake marked "L". During the installation process, air leakage is not allowed, and the presence of air leakage will reduce the accuracy of the measurement.


Electric Connection


Cable Connection

Wire color 2-wire(4-20mA) 4-wire(485)
Red (+V) (+V)
Yellow (-V) (-V)
Blue Null 485A
Green Null 485B



Use maintenance



1. The differential pressure transmitter is small size and light weight, it can be installed directly on the measuring point when installation, pay attention to check the sealing of the pressure interface to prevent the measurement accuracy from being affected by air leakage.

2. The transmitter can enter the working state by connecting the wires as required. When measurement accuracy requirements are high, the meter should be powered on for half an hour before entering the working state.


1. Normal use of the transmitter requires no maintenance

2. Transmitter calibration method: When the pressure is zero, first adjust the zero point, then make the pressure to the full range, verify the full scale, and repeat until the standard is reached.

3. The regular calibration of the instrument should be operated by professionals to avoid damage.

4. The instrument should be storage at 10-30℃ and the humidity at 30-80% with a clean environment when you not use it.