Stainless Steel 0.5%FS Digital Pressure Gauge

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Sier
Certification CE,RoHS
Model Number SPT28
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price USD50~70/Piece
Packaging Details Carton
Delivery Time 7
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 5000 pieces each month
Product Details
Displayer LCD Media Compatibility Liquid Or Gas Compatible With Stainless Steel
Relative Humidity ≤80% Interface Material Stainless Steel
Long-term Stability ±0.1%FS/year Accuracy Accuracy0.5%
High Light

9V 0.5%FS digital pressure gauge


SS LCD display digital liquid pressure gauge


9V 0.5%FS digital water pressure meter

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Product Description

pressure gauge



• Large-screen LCD display, high resolutionStainless Steel 0.5%FS Digital Pressure Gauge 0

• Peak hold function, record the maximum pressure during


• Pressure percentage dynamic display, (progress bar display)

• Five engineering units to choose: psi, bar, kpa, kg /c㎡ Mpa

• Choose 1 ~ 15min automatic shutdown function.

• Lower power consumption, work in power-saving mode for more than 2 years, working continuously for 2000 hours.

• Parameter correction function, on-site instrument zero, error correction.

• Range up and down limit

• Sampling rate: 4 times / second

• Suitable for pressure measurement of various gas liquids compatible with stainless steel



SPT28 series of digital pressure gauge for the whole electronic structure, battery-powered, on-site installation is simple. It uses high precision piezoresistive pressure sensor, low temperature drift amplifier amplification processing, and high-precision A / D converter. After signal is converted into digital signal, The LCD display shows the actual pressure value.

The intelligent digital pressure gauge is very flexible, easy to operate, battery supply, safe and reliable. Widely used in hydropower, water, petroleum, chemical, mechanical, hydraulic and other industries which need pressure local display .




Range -0.1~0~100MPa
Overpressure 2FS
Pressure Type Gauge
Accuracy 0.50%
Battery Voltage 9V DC
Displayer LCD
Long-term Stability ±0.1%FS/year
Operation Temperature -20℃~75℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~80℃
Relative Humidity ≤80%
Interface Material stainless steel
Media Compatibility liquid or gas compatible with stainless steel
Display range -1999~9999


Outline Construction

Stainless Steel 0.5%FS Digital Pressure Gauge 1


The SPT28 can be mounted directly on the hydraulic line via a pressure fitting (M20 * 1.5) (other sizes available on order). In critical applications such as severe vibrations or shocks, pressure fittings can be mechanically decoupled via miniature hoses.

NOTE: Vertical installation must be carried out when the range is less than 100 kPa.




Operating Instructions:

1. Measurement status:

• On, off: short press "ON / OFF" button

• unit switch: long press "ON / OFF"

• Peak Clear: Short press "ZERO" key

• Clear display: press "ZERO" key(Note: This function is only used under no pressure)

2. Setting Status:

• "ZERO" key: short press to modify the current flashing digit value or down menu, long press to move the flashing digit position

• "ON / OFF" key: Short press to change the current parameter value (the highest digit blinks) or confirm the current modification parameter value (the value stops blinking)

3. Parameter setting:

• "Locd": password input menu, enter the password "1000"

• "offt": automatic shutdown time menu, set the range of "00 ~ 15" minutes, "00" for continuous work

• "bclt": backlight open time menu, setting range "00 ~ 15" minutes, "00" to turn off the backlight

• "End-": exit the menu, set the value "0 ~ 1" "0" to exit without saving the setting parameters, "1" to exit the setting parameters

4. Setting method:

1. Press "ZERO" and "ON / OFF" at the same time, and when "LOCK" is displayed on the secondary screen, input "1000" and press "ON / OFF" to confirm, enter parameter setting status

2. Short press "ZERO" to select the menu to be modified

3. Press the "ON / OFF" key briefly to allow modification of the parameters

4. Short press the "ON / OFF" button to confirm the change

5. Short press "ZERO" to select "End-" menu


1. Please pay attention to protect sensor diaphragm to avoid damaging the sensor or affecting the performance.

2. Please make sure the measured media shall be compatible with the contacting material.

3. If users have special requirement, please contact us freely.


Stainless Steel 0.5%FS Digital Pressure Gauge 2


Stainless Steel 0.5%FS Digital Pressure Gauge 3